Aug. 8th, 2012

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Below are the 19 Stories and Artworks - now with the names of their creators attached - that were posted as part of Disc Fest 2012

Thanks to everybody who helped make this second round of [community profile] disc_fest a success.


  • donnaimmaculata: "Gytha and Giamo with an Orangutan" (or on LJ), Gytha Ogg/Giamo Casanunda. R.

  • ampersandals/backspace: "Caroc Cards" (or on LJ), Cohen, Rincewind, Mightily Oats, and then the familiar-looking people who appear in the cards. G.


  • woldy: "Leftover Sandwiches Soup" (or on LJ), Nanny Ogg. G.

  • ampersandals/backspace: "Selected Recipes from Nanny Ogg's Cookbook" (or on LJ), Nanny Ogg. PG.


  • firebird5: "The Prince of Ur" (or on LJ), Hwel, Tomjon, Vitoller, many OCs & a very short cameo by Death. PG.

  • treemice: "People As Places As People" (or on LJ), Vimes/Vetinari (pre-slash), with cameos by Otto Chriek, Carrot, and William de Worde. PG-13.

  • brutti_ma_buoni/bruttimabuoni: "A Sinister Dairy Diary" (or on LJ), original Barista, with cameos from various Ankh types. PG.

  • SandyQuinn: "Living Large" (or on LJ), Moist Von Lipwig, Adora Belle Dearheart. PG.

  • woldy: "Tea and Octarine" (or on LJ), Rosie Palm/Esk Smith. PG-13.

  • ms skylark: "Speed Dating Ankh-Morpork Style" (or on LJ), Sybil Ramkin/Sam Vimes. PG.

  • opalmatrix: "Seasoned to Taste" (or on LJ), Cheery Littlebottom, Sybil Ramkin. PG.

  • primeideal: "Grace Notes" (or on LJ), Original Character. G.

  • book-hobbit: "Trouser Legs" (or on LJ), Rincewind, Ponder, bits of Ridcully; Ponder/Rincewind. PG.

  • treemice: "Time of Our Lives" (or on LJ), Susan Sto Helit, Unity, Binky. PG.

  • brutti_ma_buoni/bruttimabuoni: "Sub Rosa" (or on LJ), Assassin's Guild. PG-13.

  • jiggit/deskclutter: "A Place in the Mind" (or on LJ), Preston/Tiffany, assorted others. G.

  • glinda: "Shadows in the Library" (or on LJ), Crossover with Doctor Who, The Librarian, River Song. PG.

  • musyc: "Decision" (or on LJ), Maladicta/Polly. G.

  • SandyQuinn "The First Rescue (of the Sybil Ramkin Society)" (or on LJ), Sybil Ramkin, Havelock Vetinari. PG.

    Attention Authors and Artists: if you would like redirects for your work, let me know the new URL and I'll update the entries.

    To all community members and interested visitors: it's never too late to leave feedback for the authors and artists of Disc Fest 2012, especially the creators of work posted later in the week.
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