Signal Boost: Using a Cane?

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:58 pm
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[personal profile] veleda_k is wondering whether they might find it helpful to use a cane.

I know there are one or two (possibly more) cane-users on here. [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll, maybe?

Reading Wednesday

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:38 pm
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Good Lord, it's been a while since I got around to this.

After I finished the Clocktaur War duology, I felt a need to read something I already knew, so I added Diana Wynne Jones' Magids books to my Kindle and steamed through them. I love them, even when they get info-dumpy. I don't think I'd ever realized how out-of-synch Nick and Roddy are with each other, emotionally, in The Merlin Conspiracy. In fact, SPOILER I don't believe she has any idea how much he's crushing on her, and that's probably just as well. More realistic that way, too.

Now I'm doing some re-reading for a writing exchange. Contrary to my usual practice, I actually have the story outlined: I outlined it on JoCo, during a writing-time meetup.

Then I should do some more Hugo reading. I don't like reading comics electronically (unless web comics), so I bought On a Sunbeam and Abbott, and I should re-read vol. 3 of Monstress which I zipped through much too fast when I got it for Hanukkah.

After that, I guess I'll start looking for Hugo nominee short stories online, but I don't want to mess with the YA nominees untll I learn whether there's going to be a Voter's Reading Packet this year. It's a really sweet deal when they have one, especially now that I've learned how to get the files onto my Kindle.

Twitter D:

Apr. 17th, 2019 10:28 pm
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So Jack said some highly disturbing things about where Twitter might be headed. If you got here because I panicked mildly and decided to tell everyone my DW username COOL please also tell me who you are.

If I know you IRL uhhh this is a messy fandom space so you might want to just add my Instagram instead.

What I've Been Reading Wednesday

Apr. 17th, 2019 09:33 am
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On a Wednesday and only 3 weeks after the last! \o/

What I've Been Reading

I found Amy Snow by Tracy Rees on the Tesco's bookstall, which looked intriguing and easy to read, and the cover was pretty, so I snaffled it. It was easy to read and quite sweet and fun. Victorian foundling Amy Snow's foster sister and sole friend in the world dies, but leaves her a treasure hunt to solve.

My Mum lent me The Librarian by Salley Vickers, which was good, although it could have been more about the actual librarianing, but probably I am the only person who would complain about that. (I see in my reading diary that I gave it two stars which is quite high, as three is the most I run to; only now I am baffled because obviously I liked it a lot more when I had just finished it than I think I did now. I cannot explain myself sometimes.)

I also read Tracing Your Merchant Navy Ancestors by Simon Wills, which was helpful. Not that I can actually do any further tracing of anything of that sort until I can visit an archive again one day, but it's good to know where to go, and the bibliography threw up a couple more possible merchant navy titles to look into.

What I'm Reading Now

Currently I'm just at the end of The Magician's Guild by Trudi Canavan, which has been fairly engaging and readable so far (although - and not that I was bored or anything, because I wasn't - technically we've had nearly 400 pages and very little has actually happened when I stop and think about it). Anyway, I've had this trilogy and some of the next on my TBR pile of hope for ages, so it was very satisfactory just to be able to take it down and read it fairly easily. Take that, brain!

For family history purposes, I am going through Wartime Britain 1939-1945 by Juliet Gardiner, which is very interesting, readable, and useful social history. If you write anything in that period, it seems like a good book to have to fall back on for background detail and info, so far at least.

What I'm Reading Next

Well, The Novice by Trudi Canavan, the next book, but probably first An Echo of Murder by Anne Perry, which I got from the library.

Fic: Lease for Lives

Apr. 16th, 2019 09:47 pm
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I wrote a thing:

Lease for Lives (3221 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Copper & Silver (S&S)
Additional Tags: Community: hc_bingo, Community: genprompt_bingo, Alternate Timelines, Temporary Character Death, Pre-Canon
Summary: Circumstances drive Copper to do more than just bend a rule...

have I got a deal for you

Apr. 16th, 2019 03:10 pm
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Remember when I reviewed the game Submerged and said it was good but overpriced so you should wait for a sale?

That sale is now happening! $1.99 USD on Steam until April 22nd.
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[I started this post in July 2018. I feel perhaps I should finish it before I have no memory of anything I watched any more. I already couldn't remember the things I watched in June when I wrote it, so expect even less sensible comments than usual.]

... or some of it, anyway. I have been recording films off the TV a lot lately, especially since I discovered Talking Pictures, which is a good enabler is you're into old British films (and TV). Some modern things may get in, too. I do watch them. I just don't always talk about them.

Films under the cut before I forget them all )

Music Monday: 1984

Apr. 15th, 2019 10:54 pm
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I had grand intentions of doing one of these a month, working through the rest of the list in themes, and then, well life happened didn't it. So here we are again, attempting to get back on the horse, this time with a selection from 1984, the perfect theme for me, given that it was the year I was born, so all these albums are the same age as me!

24. Youssou N'Dour - Immigres (1984) )

28. Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain (1984) )

40. Run DMC - Run DMC (1984) )

42. The Smiths - The Smiths (1984) )

A Musical Friday Five

Apr. 12th, 2019 08:26 am
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There was a [community profile] thefridayfive this morning, and it was actually one that made me prick up my ears, so here we go! (Due to the fact I'm currently reading a book about music and the brain then these answers may end up being a bit odd...)

1. What are the five oldest songs on your iPod, computer, or phone (whatever device you store your music on)?
We'll go with my laptop, since not only has it got more of my music, but it's considerably easier to organise on that front. (Also I've had it longer.) So the important question here is what do they mean by oldest? Oldest as in released/recorded longest ago or oldest as in that I've had for the longest? So I'm going to do both!

Oldest Songs (record/release date): That Ole Devil Called Love - Billie Holiday (1945), Entre le Boeuf et l'âne Gris - Helene Baillargeon (1956), Moon River - Danny Williams (1961), Crazy - Patsy Cline, Till There Was You - Peggy Lee

For this one I had to rely on whether or not the tracks in my library actually had dates - usually stuff from compilations or soundtrack albums, as I also have a bunch of swing and jazz stuff - I'd forgotten how much Louis Armstrong I had - that's probably older but is dated from a 1992 (Glenn Miller) or 2001 compilation album. And that's without even considering how to classify the Beethoven, Bach or Grieg...

Oldest Songs (in my collection longest): Paper Cup - Heather Nova, Birdhouse in Your Soul - They Might Be Giants, Hand on Your Heart - José Gonzàlez, Samson - Regina Spektor, Wonderful - Everclear.

The very first songs I loaded onto my laptop are older than my laptop as before I transferred over the rest of my music library, I set up my iTunes account on this computer and it promptly offered me all my previous purchases. These were all tunes that I bought with little freebie iTunes vouchers that my dad collected off soft drink bottles and posted down to me in Bournemouth to cheer me up when I was far away. They were all songs I loved utterly and in the case of Paper Cup and Wonderful, ones that I'd loved for years and hadn't otherwise been able to get hold of without buying whole albums. (I really can't express how iTunes changed and expanded how I consumed music as a skint student - I could buy just the song I was obsessed with and save my album buying money for albums I really wanted.

2. And the five newest songs?
So again we have two possible methods of cateloging these songs - mostly this made me realise that it's April and I've not only not bought any music that was realeased this year yet, I've apparently not bought any music at all! - and there would have been considerably more crossover if I hadn't had a wee spate of buying Xmas tunes that I had a notion to listen to over silly season. (Suzanne Vega/DNA is an outlier but I'm counting her! :p That Fall Out Boy sample mostly just made me long for the original remix and her own album version just wasn't cutting it.)

Newest by release date: 17 Again - Tide Lines, An Acre of Land - PJ Harvey & Harry Escott, Air Fàir An Là - Niteworks feat Sian, Yuve Yuve Yu - The Hu, Chi Mi - Inyal.

Newest by purchase: The Dreams We Never Lost - Tide Lines, I Was Born on Christmas Day - Saint Etienne, Christmas Day - Dido, River - Allison Crowe, Tom's Diner - DNA/Suzanne Vega.

3. What’s your favorite song to sing along to?

For sheer joy and guaranteed cheer up value, has to be something by ABBA - probably Super Trouper but there's so many good ones! For, mostly likely to sing walking home while drunk? Either Westering Home or The Wild Mountain Thyme/Will Ye Go Lassie Go...traditional, but the version I'm singing is by The Corries.

4. What’s the first song you ever memorized?

Other than little kid songs? The first song I remember actively learning the lyrics for - when I was maybe seven? - properly studying the liner notes and playing the song over and over was by Deacon Blue, weirdly not one of my straght up favourite tunes by them (Real Gone Kid was definitely in the running for the above category) by actually One Hundred Things because there was just something about the lyrics that kept catching on my heart and in my brain.

5. What song is your current earworm?
Kagagoo by Black Lace. For unknown reasons, for several days this week. I hate that song, I only know the one refrain from it, the only pleasure of the procss has been telling other people in a masochistic, if I have to suffer so do you, sort of way and watching their faces as they too are earwormed...
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Namely: Guardian is apparently getting a web movie?! OMG, WTF.

(Not sure if want. But historical/wuxia could potentially be fun?)

In other, more definitely positive news, Detective L has an air date! It's officially starting on 18 April. \o/

(And there's a new trailer as well! I seriously can't wait. Please please please get subbed quickly ...)

(no subject)

Apr. 10th, 2019 08:50 pm
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I have not really been updating properly again. In the meantime, I have been doing too much family history, because I never manage to do it in sensible doses that leave me with any brain for other things.

* So, I have also made 70-80 Dracula gifs (I'm, er, just over a third of the way through). Anyway, as promised and not delivered the other week, Dr Seward gives his housekeeper a poker:

this is what happens when you let actors rehearse )

* I wrote, or more accurately, got around to posting 3 stories at [community profile] rainbowfic, so I did the thing. They were all Edward/Julia, so nothing has changed, really.

* I still don't know what crossover to write for the [community profile] hc_bingo challenge this month, though. Any suggestions? I may need them!
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Things I attempted to use to unblock the hose of my vacuum cleaner, in increasing order of desperation:

- turning the suction on and off a lot
- Google
- screwdriver
- coat hanger
- paint brush handle
- fly swatter handle
- broomstick
- hitting and swearing
- turning the suction on and off a lot again

And finally, with a very satisfying fwop, it came loose and everything worked again. I was very excited and might have done a dance.

(In the event that nothing had worked, the title of this entry would have been "this both sucks and blows".)

Fandom saves me in my dreams

Apr. 8th, 2019 12:39 pm
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So I dreamed that someone called me and offered me some publishing-related service (something to do with the Library of Congress), and I got distracted and said something that could be legally interpreted as agreement. Next thing I knew, three painfully thin women who looked like Fox News anchors showed up in a red pickup truck and told me I owed them fourteen thousand dollars.

But it turned out that [personal profile] nestra had already dealt with this scam and made a detailed post about how to solve it, so I was fine.

state of the me

Apr. 7th, 2019 06:52 pm
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  1. New computer: All set up and running, phew! I had to go back to the shop for one problem - it wouldn't recognise my headphones. But now it works, and I have sound again! Yay. :)

    Oh, and I haven't managed to get it to recognise my ancient printer yet, but I've found a convenient how-to from other people with the same problem, so I'm going to try again when I have some actual focus to spare on that.

  2. Guardian: Guardian Reverse Exchange requests are coming in at astonishing speed! I feel like we've done nothing but cross-checking requests against offers and updating spreadsheets forever and ever, even though requests have been open for less than 24 hours. *g*

    (Okay, the 48 hours before that, we spent a lot of time on preparations. But still!)

    And honestly, I'm so excited. I never thought we'd get this many participants! Seriously, this fandom's enthusiasm keeps bowling me over. I haven't been in a fandom like this in forever, and never in one small enough to still qualify for Yuletide. It's honestly THE BEST. :D

  3. Sherlock Holmes: I still need to finish reading a short story collection, finish watching a movie, and write/update my [community profile] holmestice sign-up. All before Wednesday! Someone send me a time machine, please ...

    (But I'm not going to skip Holmestice for anything, so I will squeeze it all in somehow.)

  4. Writing in general: I'm still at mostly alibi sentences, though that's been due to time constraints this week - computer issues, work, and exchange modding. I think my inspiration's actually slowly recovering.

    Also, my [community profile] wipbigbang sign-up needs to be done within the week. But I checked my calendar - snippets are due right in the middle of a busy period, and there's just no way I can manage to do any of the longer fics for this. /o\ Need to go through the shorter options and pick one, so that I'm at least finishing something.

  5. Outside, aka that thing you see through the window when you look away from the screen for a second: It's been a lovely sunny weekend, and I've spent almost all of it glued to the keyboard. Since the weather's supposed to turn tomorrow, I'm going to go and get myselef a little bit of fresh air, just for a bit. (Watch my inbox explode while I'm not looking!)

    ETA: Back! I walked through one of the parks and into the old town, with the vague idea of maybe getting a frappuccino at Starbucks, but it was windier than I'd thought, so I had hot chocolate instead. It was really good to get some sun! And it didn't take me too long to get caught up on my inbox afterwards, either, so there's that. *g*

State of Deifire post

Apr. 6th, 2019 07:37 am
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Things to finish
  • Next chapter of Roller Rink on the Edge of Forever
  • Jukebox assignment
  • FTH story #1
  • FTH story #2
  • FTH story #3
Things I watched and liked I need to remember to talk about
  • Sex Education
  • Russian Doll
  • New Twilight Zone
Things I read I need to remember to talk about
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrck Ness for the [community profile] eerieindiana  book club
I'll hold off on the actual discussion part until the book club, but this was one of those I finished and immediately thought, " where can I find more like this?"

In other news, my Kindle is behaving oddly. I'm trying to convince myself that this is not a justification to buy a new and waterproof Kindle.


Apr. 6th, 2019 02:09 am
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We just closed (the first phase of) sign-ups over at the Guardian Reverse Exchange, and there are 39 people signed up.


This fandom keeps exceeding my expectations in every way, but particularly in this: how many of us there are, and how active this fandom is.

I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR. Just saying. ♥ ♥ ♥
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